air purifier with remote control

When looking to improve respiratory health, many people look at purchasing an air purifier. The lungs are one of the biggest elimination organs in the human body and an air purifier for smokers is one way to help support the lungs and help to offset toxins that may be ingested. There are many benefits to having an air purifier in your home or office.
They are able to help eliminate contaminants that cause colds, asthma, and more common respiratory illnesses. Let’s examine a few of the different types and the benefits that accompany having an air purifier.

First, an air purifier can help to clear the air of different pollutants. Many people suffer from allergies to certain airborne particles such as dust mites, pet dander, mold, pollen, and fungi. Air purifiers can help to pull the particles from the air so the sufferer can literally breathe easier. An air purifier that uses a HEPA filter is the most effective type for removing these types of pollutants. A high-quality and proper size HEPA air purifier can remove almost 100% of pollutants within the home.

Some people are extremely sensitive to odors or gases such as cigarette smoke, cooking fumes or kitty litter. When dealing with these types of issues, it is best to have a purifier with an activated charcoal filter. Most air purifiers on the market already have this type of filter. These filters work by using adsorption to force the gasses to attach via a chemical reaction.

air purifierThere are also VOCs which are otherwise known as Volatile Organic Compounds that pollute everyday life. These are found in many household items such as new carpeting, paint, varnish or even household cleaners. If this is the problem you will need to find an air purifier designed with a filter to pull the VOCs from the air. This is not a standard feature for all air purifiers.

Air purifiers are also instrumental in eliminating bacteria and germs from the air. This is helpful in keeping airborne germs to a minimum. Please keep in mind the most important part of any air purifier is the filter. Most purifiers contain at least two filters and some contain more than two. A vast majority of air purifiers have a pre-filter. The job of the pre-filter is to help the air purifier work better by pulling in the larger particles from the air to keep them from being passed to the HEPA filter or other type of filter.