Types of Air Purifiers

Let’s look at the type of air purifiers that are currently on the market, including air purifier for smokers. First, there is the portable air purifier. This type of purifier is exactly what it says, portable. You can move it from room to room. It will only clean one room at a time, but will do so effectively. These are one of the most affordable options and many people often opt to purchase several and place them in different rooms.

portable air purifierAnother option is the whole-house air filter. This is not the machine that will clean the whole house it is actually just a filter that is used in place of the standard furnace filter. Make sure that your filter is compatible with your furnace. While this is a convenient and effective option bear in mind that it won’t extract as many particles as other types of purifiers.

There is also the whole-house air purifier. The whole house purifier has to be professionally installed and wired into the home’s electrical system. This is obviously the most expensive option.

So where to you go for more information on air purifiers? Well, there are many sites out there where you can comparison shop and do more research. There are other options you may want to consider when purchasing an air purifier. For example, the portable ones may have a timer or an automatic mode that allows you to set the run time. You also want to check the speed settings available on the air purifier you are considering. Air purifiers are always most effective when running at their highest speed. Also, does the purifier come equipped with a feature to monitor the air quality in the room? There are a lot of features that can be purchased on a variety of air purifiers.

So as you can see when it comes to air purifiers your choice depends on what you need. Where can you go to do more research to help narrow down your best fit? I suggest checking out plentyair.com, vipforair.com, airpurifiers.com and clearhomeair.com. They list the best-rated air purifiers and the features of each different type. This will help you to break down exactly what type of purifier will work for you.